"Flirting with the Mystery" Stories of Faith Life and Cancer“ is my recent book.  It is filled with stories, prose and poetry that will touch you and make you think and rethink God's presence in your world.   It is available from me and on Amazon. and you can ask your local book store to get a copy for you.

  I have a part time call to Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland Wa and in January 2016 my title was changed to "Poet Pastor".  
  "Among Us: Stories of Worship and Faith my first book.  It holds stories and prayers that will surprise and inspire you.  You will laugh out loud and cry.  You will say ‘Yes!” and you will think about the mysteries that are too great to ever fully understand.  It will take you to familiar old places and help you see them in new ways.  “Among Us” will have you looking more often for the God who is among us, in the simplest places.

  Churches as free to use my work in new letters as long as they credit me (Poet Pastor Larry P Morris) and where they read the piece (on the website or in one of my books).


  • "Pastor Larry Morris has completed a marvelous collection of inspiring stories and experiences which will enthrall the reader and speak to the walk of faith. His experience and ..."
    Rev. Michael J Anderson, Pastor Holy Spirit Luth., Kirkland WA
  • ""Among Us" is chuck-full of life-giving surprises. God comes alive here and now as the author encourages the reader to look at the common and ordinary with fresh eyes and new m..."
    Rollie Martinson, Prof. Luther Seminary

Larry P. Morris is a full time CFO for a manufacturing company and a part time pastor at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland, Washington.

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